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“For us, it’s all about barbecue...

Low and slow smoked, traditional, delicious barbecue. We don't bbq desserts, we do not believe that you can smoke meat in an oven and you won’t find us sharing a recipe for "Veggie burgers".

We cook meat over wood and coals. We cook REAL barbecue.

And we take it seriously.”

Brothers Malcom and Waylon Reed have have been competing in competition BBQ for over 13 years.

Through this experience (and a few BBQ secrets) The Killer Hogs regularly turn-in some of the best slow-smoked meat cooked in the KCBS and MBN barbeque competition circuits... and they have the trophies to prove it.

Each year it grows with more contests, more products, more exposure and more big wins.

Now with multiple Grand Champion titles, The Killer Hogs have turned their love of BBQ into a business.

For these boys... it not just BBQ, it’s a life style

We grew up around barbecue...

For us it was always a family affair, mostly because it was the cornerstone of any get-together.

We have deep, rural roots that were planted firmly in very traditional, true “southern-style” barbecue.

We were introduced to the competition side of BBQ when we were in our early twenties. But back then, having a good time took precedence over cooking… and have a good time we did. Then one day we got lucky and won something…

From that moment on, we decided to take these contests seriously. And that’s what we’ve been doing for the past 13 years.

We’ve perfected our techniques and recipes. We’ve traveled thousands of miles cooking in small towns and big cities. We’ve amassed hundreds of trophies and we compete in dozens of contests yearly.

We’ve become one of the top Competition BBQ teams in the country.

And from that, we’ve built a business.

But in true Killer Hogs fashion, we are doing things a little different…

The heart of our business is to take our love of barbecue, along with our experience and knowledge, and share it with everyone - from the backyard BBQ’er, to a competition cook, to a restaurant owner. We want everyone with a desire to have the resources they need to take their barbecue to a whole, new level.

We don’t believe in just selling a BBQ product, we believe in sharing our recipes, techniques and our style of barbecue. And this is how we came to develop our entire business strategy.

Through our two website, and we freely give bbq cooks access to all our recipes, tons of videos, tips, tricks… we even send out a weekly BBQ newsletter.

Now we not only have a business, but a brand that is internationally recognized and synonymous with barbecue.

And after 13 years of work, we’re just getting started…

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Malcom Reed & Waylon Reed


Killer Hogs Take Top Prize at National BBQ Contest
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Killer Hogs Slow-Smoked Ribs Recipe
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Malcom Reed


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